Ford Transit Dimensions - History

Published: 20th May 2011
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Ford Transit has created a unique goodwill in the series of branded vehicles. It has produced outstanding versions of commercial vehicles meeting needs of customers concerning travel and transportation. It is well known all over the world for producing commercial vans. Ford Transit dimensions have undergone many changes since many decades. The van was manufactured initially in Europe and is a shining brand in the market of commercial vans. The van of Ford Company has been in the market for last four decades. Ford Transit dimensions and versions underwent periodic modifications during last 4 decades. Till now more than 5 million transit or commercial vans have been successfully sold by Ford. The production of transit vehicles by Ford began in the year 1965. The name of Ford Brand originated at the Irish city of Cork. Ford started production of commercial vans during 1970s in a local garage known as Transit Garage. In this way the name Ford Transit came into existence.

The first Ford Transit dimensions for a commercial van were created in 1961 and 1965 in Germany. During this period Ford was renamed as FK1000 for its commercial vans produced in Cologne city. Every transit van manufactured by Ford was given a mark or identification number. The first transit van was labeled as mark 1. Ford gives references of each model according to the year of their manufacture. Many facelifts and alterations have been made in the models of commercial vans produced by Ford Transit. Every modification in exterior or interior design gave rise to a new model. Take for example mark two model in UK was produced between time period of nineteen seventy eight and nineteen eight one. These versions had high capacity engines. Similarly models of mark 3 and 4 were made between years nineteen eighty six and nineteen ninety one. A little modification of engines was made in these models.

Modification in Ford Transit dimensions for mark 5 model was done between year nineteen ninety four and two thousand. Major changes were brought in shape of engine and exterior body of the vans while making these models. All models of Ford Transit were produced under series 1 to 7 generations. Today the company is also producing mini buses and light weight trucks. Today it is also manufacturing vans attached with motor homes. These vehicles have been designed for recreational traveling. All sorts of luxury facilities seen in luxury hotel rooms have been placed in mobile cabs of these vans. Since last four decades Ford has set a great record of producing successful commercial vehicles.
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